In the Shadows


There are days when I feel invisible, just another face in the crowd, silently marking time, attracting no attention, creating no disruption. There can be something empowering about being invisible, with almost super-hero-like abilities to move in and out of a space without detection. But there are days that being faceless in a crowd of people is quite lonely.

I am not alone in the shadows, and I know not everyone is here by choice. Los Angeles is a loud, crowded city, but it’s a place that can make a person feel very alone and on their own. There are thousands of people living in the shadows, whether it’s an introvert escaping the bright lights and crowds, the elderly living alone for the first time, or people suffering from mental illnesses living on the street.

Years of living in the shadows drains the ego and pushes you further into the gritty darkness until you no longer exist. Introspection becomes isolation; the quiet go silent; the unseen disappear. In the Shadows is a personal study of how it feels to be invisible in a city full of people.

Photographed in Hollywood, CA 2015