Tolerating Chaos

I’ve always been drawn to Richard Diebenkorns’ paintings, particularly his Ocean Park series, which as a Los Angeles native, feel like home to me. The lushness of his color palette, the complexity of layers and composition, the interplay between indoor and outdoor light, the deliberate use of space and borders, and the character of light in each painting are masterful and an exploration for greatness.

In his notes to himself upon starting a new painting, Diebenkorn writes, “Tolerate chaos,” which is sage advice to all artists.

“Tolerating Chaos” is a personal reflection on shifting space, texture and the primacy of line and color as the formal elements in the image. I am inspired by willful yet elegant chaos, the dignity revealed in its bold lines, and the drama as light and color battle for space.

All images were composed in camera and captured on film, and shot on location at Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, CA.